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As an enthusiastic instructor of experiential university courses in the earth and environmental sciences, I have designed and led one-to-three week field programs in the Faroe Islands, the Florida Keys, Greenland, Iceland, New Zealand (in the photo above, teaching about volcanoes atop Ngāuruhoe, an active volcano*), Norway, and St. Vincent & the Grenadines. Through the years I have learned valuable lessons about the budgeting, planning, and delivery of these courses, as well as the pedagogical and risk-management considerations for teaching in the field. I plan my courses to maximize safety, student learning, and unique, memorable experiences.

I offer consulting services to other academic instructors at the university level who would like to design their own field programs. My involvement can range from background assistance with academic objectives or travel logistics to designing (and even teaching) an entire field program based on your ideas. Please contact me for details. 

*This was before the Ngāti Tūwharetoa ˈiwi had announced that visitors should refrain from climbing Ngāuruhoe, owing to the mountain's ancestral significance. Since that time, we have admired the mountain from its base.

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